My Fun-Filled Family Vacation!


I don’t know about you, but summer vacations are always one of the highlights of my year! This year’s vacation was no exception! As I mentioned previously, we decided to drive to this year’s destination (TN & GA) instead of flying, so I was not quite sure how my 3 ½ year old would handle an 11 hour road trip! Well, I must say, he did AWESOME! I think he did even better than both my husband and I together!


Originally, we had made plans to drive for several hours the first day and then stop at a hotel along the way. Well, forget the hotel, we drove straight through! Amid the hours of playing with his Leapster, watching DVD’s, coloring, and reading books, my son, Drew, was so funny, he kept saying, “Are we at Dee Dee’s house yet?” We kept telling him, “Almost!” By the time that we arrived at my sister’s house, he was ecstatic!! Oh, he did somehow manage a quick power nap in the midst of all that as well! 😉


My sister and her husband live at a camping ministry in TN, so Drew had a lot of fun looking at the horses, and seeing the wild turkeys and deer in the yard every day! I must admit, I enjoyed it as well. One day we went into Nashville to visit some friends and then we took in the Opryland Hotel and Opry Mills outlet mall. The hotel is gorgeous with all the water falls and greenery throughout! If you have never been there, it is a sight to behold! While walking around the hotel and exploring the river-walk, my husband treated me to a new Godiva frozen caramel drink. It was so good and I did share it with him-well, just a little!


The next leg of our vacation was about 5 hours away from TN in Stone Mountain, GA. We stayed at a wonderful Marriott Resort called the Evergreen Resort. It was so beautiful tucked away in Stone Mountain. Our room overlooked the lake and we thoroughly enjoyed the swimming pool, took in the sights at Stone Mountain, rode the train, and just relaxed! It was definitely a fun and memorable vacation! Drew is still talking about it!


Tell me about your plans for summer vacation this year! I would love to hear where you are headed with your family! Don’t forget to take money-saving restaurant coupons with you! Check your hotel concierge to see if there are any deals that you can take advantage of as well! Happy vacationing everyone and have a sweet time!