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10 FREE Blockbuster Express Codes

One thing that I love about the holidays is a little down time. I love to watch movies but I generally just don’t have the time! 

Here are 10 FREE Blockbuster Express codes:

These codes expires expire July 8

  • 74JBHS8
  • 75RRAP9
  • 44CMEA9
  • 98MLBJ7
  • 54ZGDB3
  • 93EHJR8
  • 92KBDJ5
  • 24NCRP9
  • 54VHAP6
  • 7MOPFK- this one expires July 12

(thanks, I Crave Freebies!)


Blockbuster Express: 5 FREE Rental Codes!

Looking to watch some movies? Here are 5 new Blockbuster Express Codes that you will want to take advantage of. Remember that you can use each code once per credit/debit card!

22JMEB4 (good through 6/8)

25ASJA9 (good through 6/13)

29BACC2 (good through 6/13)

25JBHS7 (good through 6/13)

26RRAP8 (good through 6/13)

(thanks, Eastern Shore Mom!)