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12 Days of Whataburger-FREE FOOD!

GO HERE to sign up for the 12 Days of Whataburger FREE food promotion!

In honor of the Christmas season, Whataburger will be giving away FREE food every other day starting December 1! You will be emailed a coupon for your FREE food! It can be anything from a shake, to french fries, to a Whataburger!

This is a super sweet deal! Make sure to sign up today! 😉

Thanks for the heads up on this deal, MojoSavings!

50 FREE Photo Greeting cards with $3 shipping!

Do you have your holiday photo greeting cards yet? If not, you can GO HERE to sign up for a new account with!

If you sign up for a new account, you can get 50 FREE Photo greeting cards! You just have to pay a $3 shipping fee! I have read that many people have done this deal and that the cards are super nice! I am going to do mine tomorrow as this deal does expire on Monday!

To get the free cards, follow these easy steps:

-set up a new account on

-go to the greeting card section to choose your card. (make sure that you choose 4×8 size as that is the size for this promo)

-follow the directions to design your card and upload your photo.

-add 50 photos to your cart and enter promo code freebies4mom-1109

-you will have to pay a $3 shipping and handling fee, but your cards will be delivered to your door via FED EX!

***This is the best deal on photo greeting cards that I have seen out there! We are going to be taking pictures tomorrow and then I will be doing this deal for our personal holiday greeting cards this year!***

–Remember, this deal does expire on Monday, November 30, so act quickly!–


My Black Friday Shopping Adventure!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Sorry that I have not posted in the past couple of days, but I have been enjoying the time off with my wonderful hubby and son! 🙂

I did, however, manage to sneak in my annual Black Friday shopping adventure! This year, I actually pulled an all-nighter with some great friends from church, and we had a BLAST! 

Our all-night adventure started at 9:30 pm Thanksgiving night at an outlet mall close to home. Most stores did not open until 11pm or Midnight, but we wanted to get there early so that we could get a good parking place. (you need to be close to all the stores so that you make several trips to unload your goodies, right?)

I was the crazy one in the group and stood in line at the Coach outlet store for almost 2 hours! This is the one time of the year that I get to treat myself to a new bag and it is definitely worth it! They had 50% off the ticket price, then they were handing out coupons for another 20% off of that! Need I say more? 😉 Great deals–it was so much fun!

After we left the outlet mall at 3am, we headed to Kohl’s, Target, and the mall. I ended up not getting home until 8:30am that morning! Almost 12 hours of straight shopping is fun, but, it is tiring!

I was super tired when I got home and felt like I had been run over by a truck! My hubby thinks that I am crazy, but I told him that it is only once a year that I do something this crazy! He just laughs at me!

How about you? Did you go out early for some great bargains? If so, what was your best deal that you got?

Have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekend! 🙂

Alot more posts to come next week! Keep checking back!

Coach Outlet 20% coupon is back for BLACK FRIDAY shopping!!!

Okay, I am super-duper excited about this coupon! Coach has put out another 20% off printable coupon that is valid for BLACK FRIDAY shopping! You can use this coupon in conjunction with the other additional  50% sales that are already going on! This should make for a super sweet deal on a Coach bag! Coupon is valid until Sunday, November 29.

Did you know that most outlet malls are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving night? I am actually going with some girlfriends here so it should be a lot of fun! Watch out for us! We will be the crazy ones! 🙂

Have fun shopping and let me know if you score some sweet deals!

Time-saving Tuesday Tips: Turkey 101

Well, I did it! I cooked my first turkey ever this past weekend for a Church function! I know, I know, I have been married for almost 10 years and have never cooked a turkey, right? Well, to be honest with you, we have always been away for the holidays, so I have never needed to before now! 🙂

I must admit that I was quite nervous about the whole cooking a 20 pound turkey thing! But, in the end, it was so easy, and took hardly any time at all thanks to my handy-dandy cooking bag!

That is what I wanted to share with you for today’s time-saving tip! I know that you all are just as crazy busy as I am, and probably do not have time in your crazy schedule to cook a turkey, right? Well, all you will need to cut time in the kitchen this Holiday season is a Reynold’s cooking bag, your bird, a stick of butter,  several whole bulbs of garlic, and a tablespoon of flour.     

After you have cleaned out the giblets of the turkey, take your bird and rub it down with the stick of butter. Next, take your garlic (make sure to have all the skins off) stuff most of it inside the cavity of the bird where the giblets were–I also took several cloves of garlic and placed them under the skin of the turkey. Thirdly, take your cooking bag and place the flour inside of it and shake it around. Season the turkey with salt and pepper, then place it inside the cooking bag and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 4 to 4 1/2 hours. (keep in mind–cooking time will of course differ depending on the size of your bird)

The smell of roasted garlic will infuse your house and you will have a turkey that is so juicy, moist and fall-apart tender I promise!

I was partly scared to cook a turkey because I thought that it would take forever–however, by using this time-saving technique, I was able to cook a turkey that was so delicious! In fact, I can’t wait to cook my next turkey! 😉 Did you know that cooking a turkey in a bag actually cuts down your cooking time by an hour or more?

If you are pressed for time this holiday season, why not try a cooking bag? I promise that you will not be disappointed! You will have some of the most delicious turkey ever!

****Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful readers!****

My Sweet Publix Trip!

I wanted to get this posted over the weekend, but is has been crazy busy around our house since Friday! Friday we were at Busch Gardens all day, Saturday morning I made a quick trip to Publix where I scored these goodies-then, in the afternoon, we had Christmas Cantata rehearsal at Church– that night, I baked and cooked my first turkey ever! It turned out d-e-l-c-i-o-u-s though I must admit. I used a cooking bag and the turkey fell apart it was sooooo yummy! Then, I baked Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars, (don’t worry I will be sharing the recipe with you!) 😉 Yesterday, we had Old Fashioned Friend Day at Church. It was a blast seeing everyone dressed in their old-fashioned attire! We then had dinner and an afternoon service. Needless to say, it was a super duper busy weekend at our house!

Here is the low-down of my Publix trip–I SPENT $14.13 and SAVED: $66.86!

4 Cool Whips BOGO @ $1.49 each minus 4 .55/1 manuf coupons (found on a coupon sheet at Publix:Homeade Desserts Heartfelt Savings) = .78 for 4 tubs of Cool Whip!

2 boxes of Uncle Ben’s Long Grain rice BOGO @ $1.99 each minus 2 .75/1 manuf. coupons from 11/8 RP insert = .49 for 2 boxes of rice!

2 bottles of Crisco Oil BOGO @ $3.59 each minus 2 .55/1 manuf. coupons from 11/8 RP = $2.49 for 2 bottles of oil!

2 bags of Publix baby carrots BOGO @ $1.69 each–no coupons = $1.69 for 2 bags of carrots!

2 bags of Crasisins BOGO @ $2.29 each–no coupons = $2.29 for 2 bags of Craisins!

1 carton of Publix large eggs @ $1.49 each–no coupons = $1.49

3 bricks of Philly Cream Cheese @ $1.29 each minus 3 $1/1 manuf. coupons from the Publix Winter Savings booklet =.87 for 3 bricks of cream cheese!

2 tubs of Sorrento Ricotta cheese @ $2.50 each minus 2 $1/1 Smartsource Blinkie coupons = $3 for 2 huge Ricotta cheese tubs! (I actually ended up with a sweeter deal on this since I purchased a copy of the Rachael Ray magazine–you will see in a minute–)

1 Rachael Ray magazine @ $3.99 each minus $3.75/1 manuf. coupon for Rachael Ray mag. wyb 2 Sorrento cheese stacked with a Publix coupon for $3.75/1 Rachael Ray mag. wyb 2 Sorrento cheese = FREE plus a little overage for 2 tubs of Ricotta and a Rachael Ray magazine! (The Publix coupon can be found in the new Winter Savings booklet)

1 box of fresh garlic @ .69 each–no coupons=.69          

2 boxes of assorted Ritz crackers BOGO @ 2.99 each minus 2 $1/1 manuf. coupons from the 11/8 SS insert = .99 for 2 boxes of Ritz!

2 boxes of Ritz Crackerfuls BOGO @ 2.79 each minus 1 manuf. coupon (8/23 SS) for FREE Crackerfuls wyb Ritz. Since the Crackerfuls were also BOGO, I ended up with them both for FREE! So, I ended up paying .99 for 2 boxes of Ritz and 2 boxes of Crackerfuls!

4 packages of Chinet napkins (had raincheck for BOGO) @ $2.15 each minus 4 $1/1 IP from here = .30 for 4 packs of high-quality napkins!

1 box of Publix unsalted butter @ $1.50 each–no coupons = $1.50 for butter!

2 pounds Dixie Confectioner’s Sugar @ $2.19 each minus .55/1 Publix coupon from the Winter Savings booklet = $1.64!

2 Scotch Brite Dobie scrubbers @ $1.79 each minus 2 $1.50/1 manuf. coupons from the Publix Winter Savings booklet = .58 for 2 awesome scrubbers for my pans!

2 tubs of Country Crock Garlic Mashed Potatoes BOGO @ $3.59 each minus 2 $1/1 manuf. coupons from the 11/15 RP = $1.59 for 2 tubs of mashed potatoes. I love to have these on hand for my Shepherd’s Pie!

1 16 oz. tub of Breakstone’s Sour Cream @ .99 each minus .55/1 blinkie Smartsource coupon = .44 for sour cream!

2 cans of Dole Pineapple BOGO @ $1.45 each minus 2 .50/1 IP coupons from here = .45 for 2 cans of pineapple!

minus $5/20 competitor’s coupon for Save A Lot!

I hope you will go out and score some sweet deals too! 😉